Monday, April 24, 2006

Night light town

The image I'm posting here is a detail of a work that was recently on show at Canberra Contemporary Art Space in an exhibition called Social Capital. There's always this funny thing with curated exhibitions where you're responding to a theme - it generates a work I otherwise might not have made. In this case I'm feeling pretty good about this work. There are lots of small elements I don't like, especially the power cords, but as a first attempt at working with wax Its got plenty of potential.

The theme of the exhibition was to explore some aspect of the issues associated with the history of public housing in Canberra. Most of the other works in the show were photographic so I was a bit concerned my objects would look weird and clumsy in this context. Interestingly they looked much tidier once they were away from all the mess in my studio.

The idea was that over the course of the exhibition the heat from the lights inside the wax houses would cause them to start to melt. The gallery was a lot colder than my studio so the melting was much slower than expected. They did begin to melt eventually and the warping of the wax gave them a different sort of character. I don't really know what I think about this piece yet, it feels like the beginning of a new body of work so It's a bit early to say anything more.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Common time on flickr

I've uploaded a bunch of images to flickr of a performance I did with Christina Merry in 2004. The performance was called Common time and was part of an exhibition of collaborations between crafts people and performance artists at Craft ACT in May 2004.

I've also worked out how to get the flickr thingy into the sidebar (yay me!). Over the next little while I'll be posting series of images to flickr to create a little archive for myself. I'll also put some more detailed info here about the exhibitions and what the works are all about.

just a little snuffle

So after threeee long days of snot, sore throat and staying at home while everyone else went out an had fun I'm starting a blog. I wasn't totally alone, the lovely T got to witness just how much snot one head cold can produce, she was very nice about it considering she travelled interstate to watch me go through two boxes of tissues whilst whinging intermittently. Bear is at folk festy being famous and cold. And this is supposed to be an art blog where I talk about my scintillating ideas, comment on interesting stuff I've seen and show pics of work in progress.

Once I get off the couch and make some work and hopefully have it progress, I'll put it all here.