Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Anyone in the vicinity of Canberra must check out the exhibition Duty cycle by Rachel Bowak at Helen Maxwell's gallery until November 11 http://helenmaxwell.com/home.asp

Rachel has focussed on common domestic objects and made a series of life size stainless steel line drawings. They are elegant yet quietly humorous - and so sexy in that new designer homeware that just begs you to spend your entire credit limit and take it home to admire forever kind of way.

I like the way she's kept the installation sparse and simple and particularly the way the pieces that sit on the floor casually lean against the wall as if they've been put there to rest, while the user does something else and intends to return momentarily. There is also something about the arrangement that makes me think of language and lexicons, the works are like a list, a vocabulary of familiar things with the particularity (is that a word?) drained out of them so they take on an iconic status.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Asylum Street Spankers - Hick Hop

I know I just blogged these guys already, but I couldn't go past this beautiful combo of country and western murder ballads and hip hop...
Asylum Street Spankers Video

I love these naughty buggers - now I just need a magnetic yellow ribbon and an SUV

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sand snail trails

Sand snail trails
Originally uploaded by Kate&Ted.
I took this last week at Glenelg beach. I was entirely unaware of the existence of these snails until I went to the beach with Starfish super girl Sarah. Now this is going to sound like a really bad tongue twister - Sarah saves starfish on the shore at Glenelg when they get stranded. (She saved two the first day we went there). She has many other amazing talents, and if she hadn't mentioned the snails I would have thought these scribbles were made be someone drawing in the sand with a stick. I love that they are made by these slow moving lumps under the sand. I'd really like to do a time-lapse photo project of them creating these beautiful line drawings one day.

Monday, October 02, 2006

big rocking horse

big rocking horse
Originally uploaded by Kate&Ted.
Somewhere in the Adelaide hills is another big thing - it is neither fruit nor Australian native animal, nor crustacean - it is - in fact - the big rocking horse! (with tiny rocking horse in lower right hand corner