Thursday, February 01, 2007


Ted bought New Boots and Panties on the weekend - he's been hanging out to find it on vinyl for some time and finally gave in and ordered a CD because apparently it's pretty rare.

Ian Dury has to be one of my all time favourite songwriters with gems like:

You come awake
In a horny morning mood
And have a proper wriggle
In the naughty naked nude
Roll against my body
Get me where you want me
What happens next is private
It's also very rude...


Here come duck-tail Danny dragging uncanny Annie, she's the one with the flying feet
You can break the peace, daddy sickle grease, the beat is reet complete
And the jump-back honey in the dungarees, tight sweater and a pony-tail
Will you guess her age when she comes back-stage, the hoodlums bite their nails