Thursday, October 05, 2006

Asylum Street Spankers - Hick Hop

I know I just blogged these guys already, but I couldn't go past this beautiful combo of country and western murder ballads and hip hop...


byrd said...

Hey hey, how good is it too stop living in sin? Really, should i bother?Looks like your updating this one about as frequently as i do, which should make it easy enough to track.
Just quietly got any advice on the joining of cardboard and hot glue? Im not building street furniture but having a surplice of empty boxes, a dirthe of recycling depots and no legal spots to paint(never mind the general comunities bent on illicit paintin), ive been working stuff up/out on cardboard stuff rebuilt for a varriety of choosen city nooks and such like.There will appear photos as the project gains clarity and purpose.
Gday to Ted and all. cheers byrd

Oh did you ever get that drains activity project up and running with Erica? Im curious to see how that went...

ellis hutch said...

Hey Byrd,

Hot glue is a funny material, I like to use it because I can pull my objects apart and rebuild them easily - so it's not the most permanent of joining methods. Tho' my fella uses industrial 500 buck hot glue guns and builds boxes for transporting valuable works of art so there is a sliding scale there. My glue gun is a 20 buck number from Bunnings so I'm not in the same league. I prefer the bostick variety - I've had many other cheap ones break on me and that one's lasted the longest. Also I was using glue from supa cheap auto and that buggered my gun completely, so i'd recommend using glue the same brand as the gun.

Drains hasn't happened as yet - but I'm about to put the hard word on Erica and see if we can't come up with something. We're both working in the big concrete house now so we'll have to cook something up during our public service morning teas.