Thursday, September 28, 2006

the flattest city

Is Adelaide not the flattest city in the world? I know there are hills - I haven't seen them yet but I'm assured they exist. Feeling slightly disoriented by the flatness and lack of big circular street patterns...(that's what you get coming from Canberra)- I'm used to a visible ring of gentle rolling occassionally snowcapped hills letting me know exactly where I am. Here I'm loving being able to ride a bicycle everywhere and prending I'm actually fit because I'm not struggling up any pathetically gently rises.

I've also eaten the second-best pizza of my life this week. The best was consumed at a fairylight bedecked restaurant by the name of Babylon, complete with crocheted lightshades, red check table cloths and maps of Italy, situated in Huay Geaw Road (spelling could be completely wrong) in Chiangmai, Thailand. That pizza was without a doubt the best I've ever eaten - lovely light melt-in-your-mouth crust, perfect amount of toppings, not a great pile, and perfectley tasty. Babylon was run by a big ol' Italian man and his small Thai wife.

So this week I had organic pizza at Good Life in Glenelg - seriously magic pizza - it's awsomness must be tried to be fully appreciated! Go there - now!

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