Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Get Schnitfaced

The other night we were walking along in the fashionable hub that is Manuka in Canberra when we happened upon a blackboard outside a pub declaring 'GET SCHNITFACED $10'. Being eternally curious and unable to pass up a bargain we went back tonight follow up on this intriguing offer. First we went and saw Bridge to Terabithia and had a good cry - I was most impressed by the very realistic children that came across as annoyingly, maddeningly brat-like.

Anyway back to the Schnitzel experience - the deal was you could choose between a schnitzel or a rump steak + salad + a schooner of beer. We were keen before we even knew about the beer so when we paid up and got little red beer tickets we were most impressed. The quality of the meal was what you'd expect for ten bucks - bland with wilted salad and crunchy potato salad. The beer was crisp and cold and made up for the boringness of the food. Ted chose the rump and got to cook it himself on the grill, surrounded by a small group of pub patrons huddled around it's radiant warmth - they kept a running commentary on the progress of the steak cooking and made sure Ted didn't burn it...ahh Winter in Canberra....

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Sarah said...

There's a pub here in old Adelaide called "the havey" for short. Thursday night...2 pints and 2 chicken schnitzels for $18 bucks.

good for the wallet...bad for the poo. We still go!