Thursday, September 13, 2007

Too busy to blog

Red duette by Marie Hagerty, shown recently at Tim Olsen Gallery

The good thing is, it means I have a life. The bad thing is, there are heaps of things I want to write about and the longer I leave it the more I forget...

I spent last weekend in Sydney, enjoying the quiet streets and staying well away from anything connected to APEC. We had a delightful weekend catching up with mates and getting to see a bit of art.

We went to this exhibition which was a stunner. Marie Hagerty is a Canberra based painter and creates these very controlled and powerful abstract paintings with a limited palette of red, white, black, grey and a touch of orange.

The work pictured above Red duette is one of the images in the exhibition - the digital image goes nowhere near doing the real thing justice, but it gives you a bit of an idea. The trip to Sydney was worth it just to see these works.

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