Friday, November 23, 2007

Drawmo 12

Drawmo 12, originally uploaded by ellishutch.

Left hand drawing of a roller skate - done with willow charcoal. I've been really getting into the drawing - but have been totally slack on the posting. Anyway I'm posting them all to the flickr page, and a selection here - so go to my flickr page to see the lot. (I'm still behind on posting to flickr too - maybe I'll catch up by the end of the month...)


Sarah said...

I'm diggin' your drawings!!!

ellis hutch said...

aww thanks!

doctor trousers said...

hey hutch, i want to get roller derby'ing too! any luck with likeminded girls? i messaged arda on the myspace site but no reply yet ... curse this tiny town sometimes!

ellis hutch said...

Hey Doctor Trousers,

check out the derby discussion forum

I always post in the Canberra section (under the name of bullseye betty) when I'm planing to go for a skate and am trying to round up other interested skaters.