Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things to see and do

After months of long working hours I managed to escape home last weekend and made a nice little art and food trek to Sydney. Food highlights were introducing friends to bacon and maple syrup french toast in Mittagong, Dhosas and goat curry in Newtown, Yum cha in Chinatown and oh so many cakes from Caketown. Marrickvillia has written an excellent post on Caketown giving the lowdown on the couple who own and run the business. I try to get there any time I'm in Sydney along with Martini cafe, down the south end of King St who do great breakfasts.

On the art side we got to the drawing show at the MCA which has inspired me to get my pencils sharpened up and get drawing again. There's a really nice range of work, from really simple pencil and pastel on paper works to video and a great big drawing machine. I was particularly enamoured with the video work by Gabriella and Silvana Mangano a beautifully choreographed drawing performance that kept me watching through several repeats of the video loop.

We also popped in to Brenda May Gallery to see the work of our mate Joel Bliss - who works with timber and metal creating raw, dark and imposing sculptures. Nice to see the whole body of work in that space - the high ceilings and lighting worked really well, giving the works enough space for walking around and some great shadows.

Time to get out and see more art!

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