Friday, July 28, 2006

melted glass

I went to my studio the other day - which is really an expensive storage shed until I build some internal walls and get the electricity on - and discovered a dead car out the front. There was another one up the end of the street. Two burnt out cars in my small, quiet, isolated on the edge of town opposite the river very lonely at night street where sits my lonely studio. Mr T went back later and removed the one unburnt wheel. Having just that morning had our perennial groundhog day conversation about the exponentially expanding amount of stuff and the strangly shrinking quantity of storage space in our house, I'm still wondering what can be the use of a single wheel from a vehicle that does not remotely resemble any of the five T already owns? (He's now fallen in love with a white thing in Adelaide with a red leather interior and lots of shiny chrome)

Cool melted glass though...

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