Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Last year I was lucky to get to use the Prototype room at the High Court of Australia to show some of my work. The Prototype room was literally built as a prototype to test out some of the materials and design ideas that were being used in the construction of the court building. These days it's an almost forgotten area off to one side of the court that's a bit run down but popular with the occasional bunch of skateboarders.

This got me thinking about inventions - good ones - crap ones - flops - disappointments and great ideas that never quite made it. So I made a series of works inspired by real and made-up inventions called the Amazing museum of spectacular innovations and admirable attempts. The paper permanent press trousers above are my favourites, specially because I have a nice pair of brown 70s ones I modelled these on and also because permanent press trousers were actually invented by an Australian.

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