Friday, November 24, 2006

some words

I really like words that trigger sounds and pictures in my imagination. At the moment I'm particularly enjoying words that are melifluous. There is a rhythm and melody to some words - melifluous is a great example - I think it's got to do with the repetition of the ls.

Then there's echolalia

It doesn't appear in my old collins paperback and it's too late at night for me to go ratting around in the dark to try and find my big new macquarie so I'm going to give what is my understanding of the definition of this especial favourite word. It's the spontaneous and uncontrollable repetition of words spoken by others. It can also be the sounds a baby makes repeating sounds they hear around them.

And echopraxia

Not such a melifluous word but good looking - meaning the spontaneous repetition of the actions of others. Words to do with movement are generally popular with me. Of course theres somnambulate and perambulate and perambulations, anything of an ambulatory nature...

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