Monday, December 04, 2006

urban wildlife

Yesterday at the time of just too early in the morning to be fully awake I was sitting drinking a particularly awful cup of tea at Melbourne airport. While staring into space I noticed a happy fat little sparrow popping between the tables. It flew directly between the heads of two clean-cut men in uniform and bounced around collecting crumbs between the table and chair legs.

This wasn't any near an external entrance, and the sparrow looked very much at home. I watched for a couple of minutes then realised a second sparrow was doing a bit of preening under the table next to me. It had a really good go at it's tail and under it's wings - looked like it had a bit of and itch and fell over trying to get to a hard-to-reach under tail spot.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ha, there was a fat round sparrow lived under the trolleys down the hill from you. never did i see it fly, just hope out from the darkness grab stuff and back under...