Monday, July 09, 2007

in the air again

I never seem to be able to pack efficiently when I go away. This is a problem because I travel for work. Somehow I need to streamline the last minute washing, drying of clothes and tearing 'round house and office gathering up all the random crap I need to take with me.

This morning I had to dash into work to collect my forgotten tool kit, itinerary and put the voicemail on.

I did however, manage to get all my shit in one pile and get myself to the airport. I'm sitting in Brisbane airport utilising a nifty internet hotspot and have just heard an announcement that flights to Melbourne are delayed due to fog. It is currently 1.35pm. I ran into a colleague this morning at Canberra airport at 11am - she had boarded a flight this morning at stupid-early-o'clock-before-sunrise to go to Melbourne for a day's work. They took off - flew to Melbourne, circled over the fog, got low on fuel and... returned to Canberra to re-fuel.

This reminds me of an article I read on the weekend about the commuter crisis in Australia's cities. Apparently it took 63 minutes to catch a train to Sydney from Gosford in the 1960s - now it takes 83 minutes. So much for progress ay...

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