Monday, July 30, 2007


, originally uploaded by Kate&Ted.

Ahh Tequila - it's a bit out of focus and shot on an arty angle and looks like a bottle of aftershave, but it is the best Tequila I've ever tasted. I spent the weekend with my Adelaide Texan friends who spoilt me rotten, fed me constantly and entertained me with hours of trashy reality tv about texas roller derby. As I mentioned in my previous post. We also went to Hallett cove, a spectacular piece of Adelaide coast, saw a flock of black cockatoos near McLaren Vale, and visited the Adelaide showground farmers markets. All I can say is thanks Boone and Sarah for a fab weekend - I can't wait to visit again so I can see the final episode of Rollergirls!


Sarah said...

Mr. W, the logistical Minister of Fun, wants you to come back. Who else will have pointless fun banging a balloon against a wooden rail with no "POP" in sight?

Thanks for playing with us. Come back with salami boy for more fun filled silliness!

ellis hutch said...

Yee har - I've passed your invitation on to salami boy - let Mr logistics know he can be our Minister of Fun any time!