Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New work

After a long absence I'm finally posting again. I started this blog originally to post about work in progress and anything art related - a bit like an online art journal. I then went through the most unproductive art making period I've ever had, aided by a full time public service job. Well there's nothing like a deadline to get me working again and here are a couple of stills from a new dvd I'm making for an exhibition in May. I've been playing around with shadows, sign language and i movie.

I've also been playing 'round with that feeling you have when there's a word or thought on the tip of your tongue but you can't get it out your mouth - check out this Washington post article I found when I was trying to find out if there's a single word to describe the experience. The concept has morphed into working with images that seem familiar or recognisable but contain a certain level of abstraction. I'm not going to post actual moving images until I've shown them in the exhibition because I have this weird superstition about showing new work in public just before it's due to be exhibited. The work is called Touching space and will be on show at Contemporary Art Space, Gorman House, Canberra starting 23 May. In the main space will be Erica Seccombe's fab work Nanoplastica

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