Tuesday, May 30, 2006

end of semester

It feels like this semester has lasted all of five seconds... suddenly I'm staring down the barrel of student assessments, end of semester meetings and much multilayered admin. All I want is a week at the coast and a big sleep - maybe I'll get it, I'm waiting to see if I can get hold of a cheap family house to rent. Then I'll finally get to do some drawing and get my head into some new work. Teaching makes me think about art all the time, look at exhibitions and be processing ideas for my own work. I love this time of semester because I see the students pull off some amazing projects, but it's also stressfull when they don't get it together 'till the last minute and it's a huge relief when it's all over and done with. I can't complain about the last minute stuff - I'm so like that myself - at least I've grown out of pulling allnighters.

The image above is from a performance about six or seven years ago. My friend Emma and I spent a day building a cubby house and served tea - I think I need to do some more play like this....

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