Sunday, May 28, 2006

Imagining Antarctica

Last year I made this huge curtain using glue and fishing line. I used a hot glue gun to draw on glass. I then peeled the glue patterns off and stitched them into long panels using fishing line. I'm posting this pic tonight because I still find it hard to believe I pulled it off. The curtain was 6 metres long and 4 wide. I'm thinking about doing some more work with this material, but probably not on that scale again.

Ted told me that the safety data sheet for hot glue advises users to wear goggles when gluing because, apparently your eyes can absorb fumes from the glue. He didn't seem to think you needed to wear a mask though...

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Lisa Roberts said...


I'm a friend of Cab Huff, who described this beautiful work to me.

Have a look at my site:

You may like to add it to the Antarctic Thesaursus.

Let me know.
I'd like to know more of your Antarctic imaginings.

Best wishes,

Lisa Roberts