Monday, August 20, 2007

down the coast

I spent last week in Bega installing a group exhibition Proximity at the regional gallery and had one of those great Woolies moments... where you run into someone completely unexpected in the supermarket. It's not such a surprise at home but a real buzz when it occurs away from home.

On Friday while stocking up on cheese and bikkies we ran into Li'l Odette and Ray Dee Ator from the Red Hot Poker Dots. They've recently been in the US so we weren't expecting to find them in Bega, though they have family down that way and are currently living in a caravan while they get ready to move to the US permanently. We had a very tasty breakfast of coffee and left over pizza outside their caravan while watching a video of Odette playing double bass while riding a horse and singing her sweet country tunes. She later pulled the same stunt with an increasingly grumpy water buffalo - this occurred somewhere in Queensland. You can see it on their website - under the title of Swampy Tonk Delux.

We then visited Sam the bass player who turned us on to some great you tube clips - Spade Cooley - the king of Western Swing and Willie Hall - the king of Jazz - check 'em out.

Swampy Tonk - love that Pokerdot style

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