Monday, August 27, 2007

State of belonging

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I spent three hours on Saturday frantically making a collaborative work of art with four other NSW resident artists. The event, called State of Belonging was inspired by Iron Chef - with teams of artists competing to produce something amazing in a very short timeframe. Our team competed against the ACT team for the inaugural CLAW (Canberra Living Artists Week) Trophy. It was mad, fun and totally exhausting. The judges - HG Nelson, Deborah Clark and Jessica Good kept up a very engaging commentary throughout the event.

My team of Jono Everett, Tom Skeehan, Bronwen Sandland and Steven Holland cooked up a crazy tableau with the central object of a boat linking a whole bunch of symbols and images referencing kangaroo culling, the history of the Molonglo river, feral rats and linking into a theme of no - borders. Each of the teams had to bring a surprise mystery material to give to the other team, which then had to be included in their final piece. The ACT team gave us a bag full of cauliflowers...

So what do you do with a bag of cauliflowers?

...Well the team sheep eats some


a couple become the bosom for the boats figurehead

aka. me

damn heavy things - cauliflowers

Pics of the event can be seen at CLAW and commentary will appear at glasscentralcanberra - i've only got shots of us setting up below:

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