Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ohh now I'm sore

My last post was a whinge about the soreness brought on by actually doing a pilates class properly. Today I add to the former soreness a day skiing - the first day skiing in two years - a glorious sunny, perfect snow day - and now some quite unhappy knees, hips and quadruceps.

Should be good practice though - building up my leg muscles and coordination - my friend Ginger had challenged me to learn how to do the Charleston on roller skates by 25 December. The reward - If I'm successful - is a new chicken.

I currently have three chickens - Madame Duchamp is a beautiful big Australorp who lays the biggest chicken eggs I've ever seen, Fifi is a small white silky bantam - totally the bottom of the pecking order, runs away when you come to feed her - and - finally Miette, bantam, black and white stripes and yellow legs. Miette is a grumpy bitch - but very good looking.

So Ginger says if I can do the Charleston on roller skates by her birthday - yes quite a famous date - she will buy me a new chicken - something exotic with spots...

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